Welcome to Nutripathic

Nutripathic is a brand created combining
nutrittional, homeopathic and herbal
ingredients which have been specifically
formulated to work together for
maximum benefit.
The heart of the brand is to offer natural/
complementary medicines that are
beneficial to the wellness and wellbeing
of the whole family

Who We Are

Private Label Brands is a company based in South Africa
which has been producing quality branded products
since 2008 for the South African market, focusing
on homeopathic, herbal and nutritional combination
The company was developed by its two founding
members, Lauren van Zyl and Michele de Beer , who
bring over 20 years of experience to the industry.
Michele as a qualified Chemist, who thrives on sourcing
the best ingredients with supportive evidence of
efficacy, formulates the products and make very sure
that strict quality control is in place during all steps and
Lauren provides the creative, key accounts, marketing,
sales and training of the products.
We are extremely committed to providing the best
possible products to the market around the world in
accordance to each countries regulatory requirements
being met
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