Frequently Asked Questions

The RSQ Five tablets and RSQ Five Junior tablets are the same formulation, but the Junior has a nature identical berry flavour added (no sugar added). The RSQ Five drops is in liquid form, which can be diluted in water for infants, or taken neat on the tongue.
Yes definitely. The RSQ Five tablets and drops provide the pets with the same result as with their humans, it will calm them and not be harmful in any way. Follow the same dosage you would for children and adults (weight and size of animal). Homeopathic medicines are safe for the whole family.
Yes, homeopathic products are safe for any stage of pregnancy, and may even help calm a restless baby.
The formulation is the same, however the Junior has been positioned for younger children as it has a lovely nature identical berry flavour.
Yes, you can. Any form of a sore, scratchy, uncomfortable red throat will benefit from Tonsin tablets.
Yes, it would be highly beneficial and the tablets can easily be given to a small child to suck. Homeopathic medicines are safe for the whole family.
The two products are the same, but the one has a nature identical berry flavour, and the ph7 base does not have a flavour. Developed for customer taste preference.
No, that is correct. Due to the amount of phosphates and ingredients used in the product, they do not all dissolve completely in water. There is no need for concern if it looks like sediment is left in the bottom of the glass, sufficient amount of active ingredients has been added with this in mind. It is also recommended to add a small amount of water to the sediment ,swirl it around and swallow it. Remember it is advised to drink some extra water to help the body correcting the pH in the body.
Tonsin tablets is a combined formulation to cover upper respiratory infections, which includes sinus / nasal conditions, as well as lower respiratory tract from the nose to the throat. Indicated to assist with blocked and runny nose, sneezing, hay-fever, sore throat and mild inflammation of the respiratory tract.
Absolutely! There should be no negative interaction with other supplements or medication. This product is a supportive supplement.
The products will assist with the build-up of lactic acid and should offer relief. Remember that eating excessive sugars, fatty foods, high acidic foods, drinks, smoking etc., can affect the way the body functions.
The recommended product would be ph7 base powder. An imbalance of the body’s pH level will cause the body to be too acidic, especially if consuming too much sugar or foods high in fats and oils.
Each person is different, and some will prefer a single dose in the morning, and others in the evening. It can be taken anytime. As the product is balancing the acid/ alkaline pH within the body, some people will urinate more often initially, and they may prefer taking the product in the daytime as not to have disturbed sleep.
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